So Who’s Gonna Be The Next NBA Superstar?




Now that Kobe is out of the picture; and LeBron James permanently making his name as one of the best with three championships and 4 MVPs under his sleeve, it’s time to look for the next NBA superstar, or is it the next NBA megastar. We’ve got Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Kyrie Irving, Blake Griffin, and Anthony Davis. And these are just a few mentions. The list is longer than these.

Well, when it comes to picking who’s more likely to make it in the list of the likes of Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, etc., it’s hard to know. Every year, superstars keep cropping out of nowhere. Four or five years ago, who would’ve thought Steph Curry would take the NBA MVP two years in a row?

So far, Steph and Durant are now set to play as teammates, it would be interesting to see who’s gonna be dominant superstar than the other. That is, in most cases, it’s usually a tricky situation if you’ve got two biggest players – presumably the best and second best – in the same team. Thus the anticipated debate on how those two (Steph and Durant) are gonna fair out.

Let’s hope the best. I hope for the best, because two have somehow similar personalities – cool, calm and down-to-earth.

Will it be Steph?

Anyways, let’s get back to the next superstar thing. What exactly makes an NBA superstar? Is it the championships one has won? Is it the awards? Is it the player’s skills and average points per game? What exactly is it? Well, that depends on how you look at it. But most would agree that a real superstar has to have or possess all the aforementioned aspects.

So what makes Steph unique and probably NBA’s next megastar? He’s the greatest shooter in history, and he’s got the ability to extend his record if it weren’t for “teamwork” roles he plays with his GSW teammates. He’s a world class ball handler and can shoot off the dribble. Better yet, Steph has very much improved on his defensive liability. And let’s not forget how smart he is. We can all see it from the way he talks. He’s never full of himself (Durant isn’t either).

Or Will it be Durant?

On the other hand, we have Kevin Durant, who happens to be one of the purest scorers in NBA’s history. For the past half a decade or so, Kevin Durant has been compared to LeBron James quite a number of times, and he’s always come out better. For instance, last season, he was more efficient than James since he shot around 39 percent from 3 while shooting <50 percent from the field. He wasn’t a great passer, but he’s shown some improvements in that sector, dolling out 5 assists per game.

As you can see, comparing these two is kinda difficult and hard to say. But they’re surely set to dominate the NBA in the next few years, given that they are of the same age, at 28.

What about Anthony Davis?

Putting these two aside, we’ve got Anthony Davis. At only 22 years of age, he managed to secure a maiden appearance in last season’s All-NBA 1st team. He also came fifth in last season’s MVP voting. At New Orleans Pelicans, he’s helped the team for being very effective when it comes to mid-range jump shots, which has made him devastating player to opponents.

Even though last season saw him slump, Davis is set to bounce back. And if he does, he’s be a force to reckon.

Things Looking Good For Devin Booker

Finally, if there is a potential NBA superstar is Phoenix Suns’ Devin Booker, a 19 year old sensation who has been personally endorsed by major superstars like Kobe Bryant, Jimmy Butler, Dwayne Wade, and recently by LeBron James. The praises weren’t for nothing.

As a rookie, Devin averaged 13.8 points, 2.5 rebounds, and 2.6 assists per game. The numbers make him the fourth youngest player to reach 1000 points – only behind Bryant, James, and Durant!

Tampa SEO

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How Meditation Retreat Enhances Spirituality


We all want to raise our spiritual level. We read books; we attend seminars, and we meditate, hoping that one day we are going to feel the enlightenment that would bring peace into our souls. By making meditation a daily practice, we can relax and forget about our worries at least for a while. This practice has a positive impact on our general health and well-being, so there’s no wonder so many people embrace it.

It’s difficult to explain how a meditation retreat enhances spirituality. However, if you try it once, you may be hooked for life. First of all, a retreat enables you to forget about your daily chores and worries, about all mundane things that prevent you from feeling relaxed and peaceful. For the entire duration of your retreat, you won’t have to focus on anything else than meditation. Besides, such programs provide you with professional guidance, allowing you to learn the right meditation techniques. These methods are proven to work, so you are going to have a powerful tool to use in your whole life, once the retreat is over.

A high-quality meditation retreat enhances spirituality in so many ways that it’s worth trying at least once in a lifetime. It allows you to focus on your inner self, to watch the sensations inside your body, the flow of air through your airways, and perhaps the blood flowing through your veins. This is an enriching experience, almost impossible to obtain when you are under the pressure of your daily duties. You need a retreat to allow yourself feel relaxed and well in your body. You have to communicate with your higher self, with the enlightened being you actually are. All these are very hard to achieve when you have to go to work and to take care of your family. By choosing a retreat, you can improve your mental health, so that you can be there for them when they need you. You gain power; you become stronger, so you can deal with the adversities of life much better.

If you’ve ever traveled by plane, you may have heard that in the case of emergency, you should put your own mask on your face before helping others around you do the same. Life is similar to in-flight emergency situations. Adults should fix their mask before anything else. This is why you have to care for your body and soul so that you can be powerful for your beloved ones. If you are weak, you won’t be able to do much when an emergency is going to strike and hit them.

A retreat is limited in time. You only need 7-10 days to recharge your batteries. Silence and meditation can do wonders for your spirituality, so you may see the world with new eyes, once the retreat is over. This is an experience worth living, so try to free up some time in your busy schedule, and go to a peaceful place where to listed to your deep thoughts and feelings. Your beloved ones are going to feel the difference. One suggestion is Silent spiritual USA retreat which is conducted by Divine Openings.

Cell Phone Photo Tips

cell phone photo tips

Your cell phone may not have a great camera in it, but that doesn’t mean it won’t take great photographs. To take quality pictures with your cell phone, you need to learn and to put into practice some basic cell phone photo tips on how to get the best out of your cell phone camera.

Where some smartphones may lack the photographic quality, it is replaced with convenience and connectivity. Having a portal camera in your pocket at all times, that can edit your photos on the spot, and instantly share them is the true strength of smartphone.

Here are some cell phone photo tips to help you get the most out of your cell phone camera.

Light – The cell phone is very sensitive to light and you may find that it will severely under-expose a photo if you have a light source in the view-finder. If you see a bright light in your view-finder, try changing the angle and direction that you’re shooting from to get the bright light out of the frame. The display will automatically adjust and brighten up right before your eyes. You’ll get a much better picture.

Focus – The iPhone allows you to focus on your subject by touching the screen. On your iPhone, if you’ve got a subject that isn’t getting the correct focus, touch that subject on the screen and the phone will focus in on that spot.

The Shutter Button – The cell phone camera app takes the photo when you release the button, not when you press it. Use this to your advantage and press the button and hold it until you have your subject in the frame and in focus; then release it. Releasing the button after a pause allows you to keep the camera as still as possible while a quick press-and-release action introduces unnecessary camera shake.

Landscape vs. Portrait – It doesn’t matter whether you hold the phone upright or sideways except that one may fit your subject better than the other. The phone is smart enough to know how you’re holding the phone so the resulting picture is always right-side-up. You may, however find that it is easier to hold the camera steady with two hands when it is sideways.

Edit your photos – there are many applications in the smart phone app store that will allow you to edit your photos right on your phone after you take them. You can add toy camera effects, vignette, edit exposure and saturation, and even add focus changes that give your photos more depth. Search the photography category in the smart phone App Store and experiment with the applications available there.

Post your photos – After you take your photos, you can email them to one of the many photo-sharing websites like Flickr, Picasa, Posterous, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Many of these services also have dedicated applications that make sharing your photos even easier. Your photos can be available to the world almost instantly. Try that with your Digital SLR!

These cell phone photo tips are courtesy of

Upcoming iOS 10 Features

iPhoneAt the Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple AAPL +0.29% reported the tenth real arrival of its versatile working framework: iOS 10. iOS 10 is required to be discharged in September alongside the dispatched of the iPhone 7. iOS 10 seems to have a noteworthy spotlight on changes for Apple’s individual stock applications instead of an outline update like we have seen in past iOS forms. iOS 10 is additionally a considered a “gigantic discharge for engineers” since it opens up a substantial number of components to outsiders, which I will go over in point of interest all through this article.

This article contains a gathering of 10 iOS 10 includes that Apple highlighted amid the Worldwide Developers Conference. On the off chance that you need to see everything that Apple declared at WWDC, then make sure to look at Miguel Helft’s live blog of the occasion.

1. Changes In User Interface

On the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, the Touch ID unique mark sensor is known for being so responsive and quick that it “blows past” the warning screen. That is one reason why Apple included an answer in iOS 10 called “raise to wake.” This component gives you a chance to see what is on your lock screen without touching any catches. This is finished by basically raising your wrist while holding your iOS gadget, which causes it to “wake up” and demonstrate the notices.

In iOS 10, Apple has made the Lock Screen substantially more stylish and intelligent by means of 3D Touch. Presently warnings that show up inside the Lock Screen are brighter and can be seen without obscuring the wallpaper.

On the off chance that you push down on a date-book notice, then you will have the capacity to see your calendar and select Accept, Maybe or Decline on meeting solicitations without leaving the Lock screen. This component additionally works extremely well with the Messages application:

2. Changes In Siri

Did you realize that Siri administrations more than 2 billion solicitations for every week from iOS clients? There are numerous sorts of solicitations that Siri can deal with, yet iOS 10 will empower the computerized aide to perform numerous more assignments since it is being opened up to engineers.

3. Changes In QuickType

iOS 10 is conveying Siri knowledge to the console! At present, QuickType is utilized to make insightful recommendations and foresee what clients need to sort next. In iOS 10, QuickType will utilize profound learning — particularly a procedure called Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) — to foresee longer connection.

4. Changes In Photos

Apple has rolled out some significant improvements to Photos in iOS 10. With iCloud Photo Library you can see the greater part of your photographs on the greater part of your gadgets, however now you can see the greater part of the Places you took your photographs on a guide.

5. Changes In Maps

A year ago, Apple presented the Nearby and Transit elements to Maps. Also, in iOS 10, Maps has gotten an upgrade.

Presently Maps will be more proactive by foreseeing your standard exercises and making proposals. For instance: on the off chance that you tend to leave for work at 8 AM each day, then Maps will demonstrate to you to what extent it will take to arrive taking into account current movement conditions when you slide up the menu from the base of the application. The logical menu in the Maps application will likewise demonstrate to you the timetable occasions of the day and the areas of your gatherings.

A Look At Popular New York Contemporary Arts Venues

new yorkNew York City is the world’s hub for cultural and artistic collections. It’s a city of unique history and art combined in the best way possible. A visit to New York contemporary arts scenes gives you that unimagined joy, wonder and enriches your cultural and historical roots. New York is home to world’s top museums attracting millions of art enthusiasts from all over the world each year. To visit New York museums, you need to do some planning ahead. You need to confirm their visiting hours and the time when tickets are available or simply wait for an open free exhibition. New York Museums attracts people of all age groups and people from all backgrounds!

Brooklyn Museum

Brooklyn Museum gives you a combination of the old and new world – a taste of modern art with a fragrance of the old but golden art. It has a collection that is diverse from contemporary to Egyptian to Greek! The Brooklyn Museum, is often crowded by celebrities and art gurus and its art shows are a novel experience.

American Museum of Natural History

This is one place full of information on all possible areas of history and all fields of art .It is undoubtedly a heaven for the knowledge hunters! It has a huge collection on Astronomy, numerology, anthropology, geology, gemology, ornithology, entomology and many more! Its actually a true collection of modern day arts and great innovations both scientific and social inventions.

New York Historical Society

One of the oldest New York museums is the Historical Society Museum. This NYC museum is famous for the grand and attractive art exhibits it hosts! It has also opened a Kid museum section!

Transit Museum


The museum offers various changing and permanent exhibition to its visitors. The purpose of these exhibitions is to generate public awareness about the history of New York Transit system. You will find two tracks in the museum; both are filled with a large range of cars. The two tracks and the cars which are displayed in the museum include IND and BMT equipment and IRT and BRT/EI cars. The North track is the IRT and BRT/EI cars and the South track is IND and BMT equipment. The exhibition depicts the development of New York Transit system between 1900 and 1925. Photographs and artifacts are displayed in the exhibition to show the history of the system.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Metropolitan Museum of Art is in fact the most fabulous and mind blowing museum in the whole world! It has a large land area with fantastic designs and architecture! It has marvelous art collection of various art forms with art galleries and exhibitions that are unique and most awesome!

Other notable museums and New York Contemporary Arts Scenes are: The Stately museum [near Prospect Park which is full of a mix of modern and old art collections], The Frick Collection museum [Houses a New York’s past and present arts all under one roof], Mansion museum stocked with great arts, Ellis Island Immigration Museum, Guggenheim Museum, Museum of Modern Art, Lower East Side Tenement Museum and American Museum of the Moving Image.

The Future of Fitness Wearables

fitness wearableWhen a revolutionary product hits the market, even though its commercial success is a major achievement in itself, usually its real value is what’s important when it comes to ascertaining its future.

Every remarkable technology started off with an introductory product or a set of products that marked the launch of the new tech in the market. When t comes to the wearable technology, that foundational product is certainly the fitness tracker.

The popularity of fitness wearables is nothing short of remarkable. Wearable fitness technology is not only very popular, but many of the early embracers are remaining loyal; by continuously using their fitness wearables in their day-to-day lives. Early adopters also use them in creative ways in addition to the initial use of monitoring your steps. Individuals can now monitor their sleep, caloric intake and sleep patterns by using their wearables to give them a glimpse of their everyday health.

In spite of the current success of fitness wearables, these devices have their own drawbacks. The current devices have a number of problems. Users report problems such as poor battery life and low accuracy while monitoring their movements. In addition to performance problems, the devices have clear limitations.

Experts and users are keen to see improved features in future fitness wearables. Some of the most popular desires include hardware improvements such as making the wearables waterproof and increasing the number of wristband options. People also want to see better adaptability. Now that they have fully embraced the wearables, users want to see their devices track more areas of their health and provide more connectivity options for their mobile devices.

With great efforts and resources being put on this technology, the future of fitness wearables looks bright. The scope of the fitness tracker’s purview will most likely be well defined and properly implemented. If the functionality aspect will be missing, then that version will be left behind.

The interfaces are also expected to be simple and understandable, making the interactions simple and clear. The attendant resources, such as apps and websites, will be equally efficient, clear and promote both goal setting and momentous breakdown of data.

The best future wearables will perform their data collection tasks more consistently and with better accuracy, provide a attractive physicality and an user-friendly interface and more importantly, present data in an easy-to-understand format.

Fitness trackers are in an excellent position to grow from being just a niche product for technology enthusiasts to an integral part of our everyday lives. They have a passionate group of embracers that are adopting the technology and providing valuable feedback.

Of the new technology products that are constantly gaining momentum, fitness trackers are the most promising. The new generation of wearables are quite exciting, with many quality products currently available out there. In the next 20 years, we are set to witness innovative wearable tech that is second to none. More and more people are set to embrace the new wearable tech as the gadgets continue to improve. With these improvements, there will be a time when fitness wearables will play a major part in most of our day to day lives.